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Website Maintenance

Once you have a website on the Internet, you still are not done. By far, you will never be done... you website should always have updates and new information posted to keep your content fresh. You will always have updates or things you would to change on your website. Someone will have to keep up on your changes.

DNS Technology Consultants, Inc. offers website maintenance at the rate of $65/hour. If you have a major project that will take several hours, we will develop a project plan to reduce the cost of the updates.

How billing works

When you report a change to us (preferably by request form or e-mail) we will make your change as soon as possible. If the change takes 5 minutes, we will bill you for 5 minutes. How we bill is once you have $100.00 worth of changes built up, we will send you an invoice.

Our Policy on Website Maintenance

It is our policy to only maintain sites that are located on our servers. We made this change in 2007 when we purchased our own web servers. The reason behind this is that we have full administrative control over the domain.

If you have a website that you would like maintained, but it is located on another host site, we may consider moving it to our servers at no charge to you. We will work with you to off-site hosting charges that you have already paid another provider and will be glad to become your website maintenance technician or webmaster.

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